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Who we are

Founded by Daniel Elkins, an experienced entrepreneur, board director, management consultant and qualified executive coach, Productive People LLP does what it says in the title – we help organisations become more productive by focusing on their people. Our people are carefully selected for being exceptionally good at what they do. Depending on what your needs are, we will match the right consultant and they will design a bespoke programme of deliverables that meet your needs. All projects will be personally overseen by the Founder or another Partner. Whilst our consultants do operate across many sectors for big and small companies, we specialise in services to NHS Trusts and other organisations in the UK Health sector.

How we tend to work with you

It will start with a telephone call to discuss what you are looking for. This will likely be followed by a meeting to discuss in more detail and to define a scope of work and a rough budget and who the key people will be to liaise with.We will then spend some time defining what is REALLY going on now – through data collection, simple surveys and interviews with key people.We will then present a recommendation of the proposed deliverables, timescales and costings. If you approve the proposal, then the work will commence in earnest and we will agree how you are involved every step of the way.

What we do

A small, boutique consultancy with a difference. We specialise in tackling the really big and difficult issues, often on a large scale. We work with big and small organisations and have experience across a wide range of industry sectors. We specialise in working with NHS Trusts and others organisations in the UK health sector and across public sector. However, we do not work with everybody, we will carefully select the work we do because we want to make sure we can add real value and deliver real, tangible results before taking clients or projects on.

Why we are different

We pride ourselves on minimal interventions and maximum results. This compares to other consultancies that will want to clock up as many days as possible. We are flexible. It is up to you whether you just want some advice, some assistance or if you want us to manage all aspects of the project from start to finish. We focus on people. Policies, processes, systems and data are all important but these should support people to do the best work that they can.