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Business Intelligence Consultancy


It is difficult to make any change without accurate measurement of what you want to change and all change should be measured to ensure the results are delivered.

Our approach is to analyse and measure ‘what is really going on now’ and to measure the ‘ideal to be’. We then identify the key metrics that need to be regularly monitored to achieve the goal.

We start with the information that is easily to hand, perhaps gathering some additional information through simple surveys or interviews and then highlight to you what information or intelligence would support your change.

In some instances, the data is crucial to the change and in those instances we can provide you with the following services:

  • data auditing
  • data cleansing
  • data analysis
  • data strategy
  • base-lining performance
  • benchmarking services
  • data collection and data entry process design
  • dashboard creation
  • balanced scorecards

Our highly experienced data analysts and data scientists our also able to advise on numerous different Business Intelligence technologies and software, including Oracle, SQL, Qlikview and OrgVue.

What is different about us

We believe that an intelligent business is one that uses good management information to inform people what to do. However, we believe more in being a great business,where the people decide and agree what metrics they want to be measured by to measure their own success.

What to do next

Phone us on 01327 260213 to find out how we can help you or email us.