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NHS Programmes


Daniel Elkins has led a number of major regional and national programmes for the NHS. These have involved working with the highest levels nationally, including Department of Health, NHS England, NHS Employers, Skills for Health, NHS Litigation Authority, CQC, GMC, NMC, Health Education England and dozens of NHS Foundation Trusts and NHS Trusts.

The Programmes that Daniel has either led or participated in include:

  • Streamlining London (Programme Director)
  • Streamlining Programme (Programme Director)
  • Streamlining Staff Movements Programme (Programme Director)
  • Improving Junior Doctors Changeover Programme (Consultant)
  • Skills Passport for Health (Project Director, Skills Profile)

Daniel is currently Programme Director of Streamlining London reporting directly to a Programme Board of London HR Directors, representing approx. 40 Trusts,170,000 employees and more than £10 billion in turnover.

The programme involves working at all levels from operational staff, managers, directors, chief executives and directors of national bodies.

Daniel has now formed a team of Process Consultants, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Administrators and Data Analysts that work closely together and are able to minimise the overall team costs.

What is different about us

We think differently when it comes to large scale change programmes. We spend time working closely with people at all levels to really get to the bottom of what is going on. Getting them to work together to define what should be happening instead is important. Once we all agree, only then will we develop a programme of changes and a list of barriers to that change. Typically this involves process changes, Trust policy changes, national policy changes and system changes.

We specialise in system wide or industry wide changes, bringing people from many organisations together to agree common issues and objectives and then overseeing the work to implement the changes. To most this seems unachievable, which is why we get asked to tackle issues that others may have failed to overcome.

What to do next

Phone us on 01327 260213 to find out how we can help you or email

[vc_wp_info_box companyimg=”2179″ quote=”“Daniel and his team have helped develop and lead the Streamlining Programme to rave reviews from many, many London HR Directors.”” quoteattr=”Deborah O’Dea, Chair of HR for London”]