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Streamlining London

Trusts across London operating using the programme.
Staff influenced by Streamlining's unique HR functions
Patients represented by the work Streamlining carries out.

About the programme

Streamlining London is a collaboration of 36 NHS trusts representing about 165,000 staff and 8 million patients.

The programme aims to provide NHS leaders, managers and staff with the best possible HR functions to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce duplications.

The programme is organised into four core work streams tackling London’s big HR operational issues including;


Junior Doctors Rotation
Recruitment & Resourcing
Core Skills
Making the most out of HR systems

Award win

In 2015, Streamlining London were awarded with Capstick’s Innovation in HR award at the 24th annual HPMA Excellence Awards.

This was an outstanding contribution to safety and effectiveness. It really is 'breaking the mould'.

Awards Judge

It’s great recognition for so many people being bold enough to break the mould and do things differently and better.

Daniel Elkins, Programme Director

The programme was recognised for its set of innovative HR systems which saved 192,000 staff hours per annum, equivalent to £5 million or 325 full-time clinical staff.

Online presence

Streamlining London’s website provides its members with a online hub for learning and development. Each member is granted access to the website’s ‘secure area’.

This area includes useful slides from events, purposeful documentation and a growing library of video content.

The programme also offers an online community on Facebook, as well as coverage on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Case Studies

By implementing Streamlining London’s five-point-plan, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust has significantly reduced the amount of staff time spent completing statutory and mandatory training, saving £750,000 per year while increasing staff compliance and the quality of training.

Through using factual references, one of Streamlining London’s key HR functions, Central London Community Healthcare Trust has seen the length of time needed to gather references fall from five weeks to two weeks, allowing new recruits to begin work much faster.

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has seen its time to hire fall dramatically, reducing the average time by over six weeks. This was achieved by implementing a number of innovative and key recommendations made by Streamlining London.

Video Library

Gareth Jones, Assistant Director for Workforce at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, discusses his involvement with the Streamlining Programme from the start and why he feels it is so important. 

Angela Huxham, Director of Workforce and Mary Currie, Associate Director of Workforce Planning, at Kings College Hospital London, outline how the Streamlining Programme began and junior doctor transfers.

Marita Brown, Head of Learning and Development and University College Hospitals London NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the Trust’s involvement in the development of the core skills framework and the benefits of the programme.

Nina Singh, Director of Workforce Development at West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, explains how the Trust achieved improvements in StatMan training compliance and helped develop the system.

Mark Hirst, Director of HR and Organisational Development for Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, outlines the impact that the programme has had on reducing agency spend within the Trust.

David Grantham, Director of Workforce at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the improved recruitment processes within the Trust as a result of the Streamlining Programme.

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